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If you are looking for a liquid storage and transportation solution, we are here to help. We are known for the best, affordable, and portable products for our customers.


Since 1991, Reliance Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the supply and development of fish farming tank, flexible water tank, portable fuel tank,swimming pool and flexitank. Our main markets are in Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe. Our products have been widely used in fish farm, agriculture irrigation, emergency rescue, fire fighting, armed forces services, oil industry and water supply for refugee areas etc.

Our Products

Tanks By Industry

Reliance water tank system for agricultural water are one economical storage solution for emergency or long time water storage.

Whether you’re looking for fishery or aquaculture products, we know you want a fish tank that is reliable, affordable and easy to use.

Our tanks prevent and minimize the potential for release petroleum or other hazardous substances to the environment.

The transportable tanks were developed for the transportation of liquids/potable water, on moving vehicles or vessels.

The tanks can quickly store and supply water during emergency events. Designed with an open top and easy access fittings, onion tanks can be moved and set up quickly.

Tanks By Type

Flexible water tanks feature a wide range of small and large capacities to help meet all your liquid storage needs.

Flexible Fuel Bladders are designed for large volume liquid transport, industrial chemicals, potable water, sludge, and fuel storage.

The fish tanks do not require any civil work and can be deployed quickly. In terms of transportation, due to the detachable and folding performance, space It is small in occupancy and very convenient for export transportation.

The Flexitank is a package that is used for the storage and transportation of non-hazardous liquid products and is intended for installation in 20ft ISO shipping containers.

All of our Oil Spill Containments are portable, collapsible, and can be set-up within minutes.

Professional Research And Sales Team!

Our dedicated research and sales team can offer you the suitable products with project proposals, also fully before and after services can make sure all your purchasing requirements. Long-term and sustainable cooperation with our each customer is what we are pursuing forever. Reliance Co., Ltd. warmly welcome our customers to visit us for win-win.

Why Choose Us

We Make Military Standard Tank


What’s a containment boom?

Booms help to concentrate oil in thicker surface layers so that skimmers, vacuums, or other collection methods can be used more effectively.

Introduction Of The Knife Scraping Cloth–Our Pvc Type Materials

The main production methods include knife coating method, calendering method, pasting method (melting method) and so on.

Water Bladder Advantages

The appearance of water bladder brings great convenience to people when transporting and storing liquid substances.
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